Halbmondstadt New Orleans

Ein literarisches Reiseessay über Performances, Film und die Kunst durch Kunst zu überleben.

Performance Traditions of the Black Indians of New Orleans

The Routledge Companion to African American Theatre and Performance (CAATP). New York: Routledge, September 2018

Black Indians of New Orleans—Won’t Bow Down, Don’t Know How

In The Southern Quarterly, a Journal of Arts & Letters in the South. Hattiesburg, MS: University of Southern Mississippi, October 2017

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Black Indians and the Filming of Big Chief

In Black Resistance in the Americas: Slavery and its Aftermath. Columbia: University of Missouri Press, October 2017

Die schöne Stadt

Report from New Orleans
Theater heute, July 2011. Theater Reviews in Theater heute, Slavic and East European Performance, and Western European Stages.

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Die Filmfinderin: Filmkolumne aus New York

Film Column from New York
Kinokarate, www.kinokarate.de, 2006–2013.

Down with Plot: Eisenstein, the Tramp, and the Subversiveness of Montage of Attraction.

Text & Presentation: The Comparative Drama Conference Series 6. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers, 2009.